Eastman Family

    Jacob S. Stalker  
  Edsil Stalker    
    Elizabeth Coffin  
Mildred Roxanna      
      Jeremy Eastman, Jr.
    George Henry Eastman  
      Cynthia Abbot
  Cora Eastman    
    Roxanna Gerrish Andrews  

George Henry EastmanRoxanna Andrews Eastman

Mildred Roxanna Stalker (Dyer) Pearl Stalker Elsie May Stalker (Frost) Cora Eastman Stalker Edsil Stalker George Henry Eastman Katherine Flanagan Eastman (wife of Fred) Fred Eastman Albert Clinton Eastman Pearl (wife of Albert) Gertrude Amelia Smith (wife of Alfred) Alfred Clifton Eastman Harriet Eastman George and Roxanna Eastman Family

Fred Eastman Albert Eastman Lorenzo D. Smith Alfred Eastman

The above Eastman photos provided by Rich Eastman. He says that the Eastman brothers played in the shoe-shop bands for many years in Brockton and South Easton Massachusetts. Rich was a Navy musician and still has his great-grandfather's bass horn in this photo.


Edsil StalkerEastman brothersMildred Roxanna Stalker Dyer