The Berry Family of Livermore, Maine

The ancestors and descendents of:

 Lewis Chandler Berry and Erma Olive Norton Berry.

A work in progress.

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Lewis Chandler Berry, born September 15, 1897, died August 19, 199 

Photo from Maine Legislative Records







Erma Olive Norton Berry, b. July 21, 1895, d. May 8,1984




Married: July 20, 1918 in North Livermore Baptist Church

Lewis was the son of Howard Pike Berry and Nettie Richards Berry. (Photo 1910)

Erma was the 2nd child of Willie and Lottie Norton.


     Since I haven't figured out how to set up a secure sign-in for relatives, I am going to take off the direct links to several pdf files with lists of descendents and ancestors of Lewis and Erma Berry. The Family Tree Link below limits private information of living individuals but my pdf files have a little more information. I agree with one relative who expressed concern for privacy and even having information such as birthdays displayed on the web. My intention of this site was to share this information with family and think that it would be okay to send relatives this information with the understanding that you won't display the private information on the web.

     If you would like a list of ancestors, descendents, family group sheets for your family, please contact me at . There is information missing in some cases and I would welcome additions as well as corrections. (10/19/2006)


     Here is a link to Family Tree Maker website:   Family Tree Berry/Norton   updated: 8/27/2006


Rockwood Berry Howard Berry Ronald Berry Theodore D. Berry Thomas M. Berry Carlton M. Berry
m. Louise Garland m. Frances Webster m. Glenys Ware m. Pearl Dyer m. Beverly McIver m. Diane Harlow
children: children: children: children: children: children:
Katherine Patricia Ransom John Susan Lori
David Nettie Dana Michael Stephen Krista
Cynthia Nathan Vassar Linda Debra Karen
Richard Margaret Scott Randall   Andrew

To view an album of some of the start of a "cemetery search":   BerryCemeteryAlbum.pdf  This pdf file is 3.36 MB. I have added (10/28/2006) photos from three Wayne, Maine cemeteries which includes several Berry ancestors. Uncle Rockwood's directions helped to locate these family plots. The first several pages of the album are Berry descendents and many of the Norton line who are in Livermore cemeteries.