Verrill Family

I've got some great photos and articles from the Verrill family albums that I will be working to add here. Thank you Shirley for your time and for sharing. Hoping to add the Jones' soon.


    Richard Verrill
  Richard E. Verrill, Jr.  
    Mary Emmerline Tripp
Chester Richard Verrill    
    David Orestus Bryant
  Mantie Estella Bryant  
    Julia Anna Smith


    Stillman Howard John Berry
  Howard Pike Berry  
    Mary Frances Pike
Veartrice Berry    
    Simeon E. Richards
  Nettie Frances Richards  
    Maria Ann Fuller











David Orestus BryantJulia Anna Smith Bryant

Richard and Mantie (Bryant) Verrill















Norma VerrillGloria VerrillDwight VerrillRichard VerrillRandall VerrillRandall and Shirley (Thurber) Verrill