My initial plan was to try to build on the local (Livermore, Maine) Norton history and add as many photos as I could so family might share what they have tucked away in their photo albums and old shoeboxes. The genealogy involved is a little like a virus. I am an amateur but think I have found some reliable sources and I am trying to add what I can from research at the Livermore Public Library and from cousins.

A recent view, September 2007, of the former Norton Homestead, Livermore

According to Rockwood Berry's notes: "In 1901, The Berrys purchased the Norton Place at Norton Corners in North Livermore. In later years the hill becomes known as "Berry Hill". Louise A. Berry born here on 5 Oct. 1903. Rockwood N. Berry born here 9 Mar. 1919."

Norton then H.P. Berry Homestead

Zebulon Norton Homestead, 1910


Erma's sister Hazel Ruth Norton Griffin and Husband Richard.

Hazel Norton Griffin and Richard Kenneth Griffin

Norton Reunion  (mouse over to identify) I'm not sure about the year, 1953?;

Before I was born! I think it's Howard Berry's family at lower left.

Marcia Wilkins Ruth Anne Griffin Robby Griffin Randy Griffin Thurlow Wilkins Kay Berry Ransom Berry David Berry Dana Berry Alton Wilkins Martha Jane Norton Stuart Norton Hersey Wilkins Merton Clayton "Bo" Wilkins Cathy Wilkins Barry Fuller Jayne Flagg Lucy Flagg

Joseph Norton

Joseph Norton, Martha's Vineyard